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Lewiston Idaho, Class of 1964-Class Reunion

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The 55th reunion was held on September 10-11, 2019. To relive that event, go to that page on this site (under the Memories link below and choose the 'Pictures from the 55th reunion'). CLICK HERE to jump to that page.

LHS Reunion 50 - Year Consensus...Success!!!

The consensus was the events were a huge success. Nearly half the classmates contacted attended the reunion in 2014, over a hundred plus their guests. The tale telling and lie swapping went continuously over the two day event.

Details of the events, as well as pictures, are posted on the Memories-50 Years page. As you will note by the smiles on everyone, folks were enjoying themsleves.

To review which classmates were able to attend visit the Attendees page.

A newsletter was created to capture the good times. If you have not ordered one, for a period of time they will be available for purchase. See LHS Newsletter 5.pdf dated September 2014 for additional information. It contains about 150 pages with hundreds of pictures to amuse and entertain.

There was significant discussion on doing this again, perhaps in 5 years. As plans materialize, we will keep you informed on this page.

Update 4/2020: We have no additional printed Memory Books available any longer for this reunion. However, you may download the PDF file and print for your own personal use if desired. To download the book, go to link Memory Book 2014

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