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If you have corrections, suggestions, or additions,

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This is your site and without your inputs,

it will be less than perfect.

Lewiston Idaho, Class of 1964-Class Reunion

Search the LHS 1964 website.

You can use the email address above for any electonic submittals. My home mailing address is on my personal page for any postal submittals. If you are sending materials you wish returned, do enclose a self addressed (and stamped) envelop and clearly mark those you want returned. I will do my best to get them back to you but make no promises for events out of my control. There may be a delay in returning those submitted in the summer as we spend time traveling.

This has been an interesting project, especially since this is all new to me. As such, there are bound to be data errors and programming errors that have not surfaced in this initial upload. My intention is to correct and expand the site as time and resources are available but this will depend on classmate input to a large degree.

Most websites have a webmaster indicated. I am no master by any measure so am sticking to the web guy tag. No doubt some of you are better schooled in this type of task so any advice is welcome.

Thanks, looking forward to your inputs, your classmate Rocky Sinclair

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