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50-Year Reunion in 2014

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Lewiston Idaho, Class of 1964-Class Reunion

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Reunion Memories

Our 50th reunion was held on September 12 and 13, 2014, in Lewiston. The consensus was the events were wonderful. Everyone had a great time, the formats seemed to get overwhelming approval, conversations and lie swapping were great.

The reunion was separated into two venues. Friday, the 12th, we gathered at the Red Lion Hotel at 3 for registration and receipt of our name badges. They included some school logo, our graduation picture and (in descent sized lettering for us with older eyes) our names. The ballroom was opened a bit later and we had our 'happy hour' that included getting some 'group' pictures. Since the turnout was delightfully large, we decided to separate the classmates into groups representing the grade school they attended. See pictures following the classmate data. We had appetizers served at 6, and conversations and reminiscing continued well into the night. We invited Mr and Mrs Dick Riggs as a special guest as many of us enjoyed his 8th grade home room when the new junior highs opened. Seems it was his first class and he was curious what became of us, him being the town historian.

The Saturday afternoon event consisted of a picnic at the park. Much less formal, although nothing was formal about Friday, but we were very laid back and continued with the great conversations we had started the evening before. We attempted another (full) group picture since we had the space and the natural lighting made it a bit easier. It came out just great but typical of a group that size, many of us are pretty small so the detail is weaker and the shorter ones hiding in the back cannot be seen. Perhaps that is just right after all these decades, half century, to be exact.

Two books had been prepared for conversation starters. Three copies of a book of all the grade school class pictures donated for the website, with names where they had been determined, were available for markup and a few giggles. Another with all those that had passed away with their obituaries was also available for some reminiscing about those that could not be with us. In commemoration of those that had passed away, 50 balloons were released in the afternoon in their memory.

A frequently asked question was about how many were in our class. That is difficult to determine, some made it to graduation, some did not, The generally accepted answer and being followed on our class website is about 300. There are about 25 that have become lost over time, about 50 that have passed away. Of the 225 remaining, a bit over 100 attended the reunion along with about 60 guests. Great turnout!!!

Most of the pictures on these pages, along with others, will eventually be posted on our website under the Memories link. They will have better resolution and be in color. Feel free to look around there when you have some moments to spare.

Hopefully you will enjoy leafing thru this booklet. The reunion has been a very personally satisfying endeavor for me. I do wish to thank the other committee members for their work in making this a wonderful event. Specifically; Kathy Barnes Nelson, Linda Charpentier Bundy, Joan Eldred Street, Judy Eldred Baker, Sharon Klemm Mittendorf, and John Vassar. Thanks also to all those of you that contributed your information for this booklet, without that information, it would be pretty weak!

Rocky Sinclair, Class of '64

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