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Photo Memories from our
55-Year Reunion in 2019

The links below go to a few photos taken
during the events and offered here.

Group picture

Tuesday pictures

Wednesday pictures

Lewiston Idaho, Class of 1964-Class Reunion

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Reunion Memories

Our 55 graduation anniversary reunion was held September 10 and 11, 2019. This was planned to be a 'mini' reunion, the in-between of the 50th and 60th reunions. Originally it had been planned for the weekend, but, due to the other major city events and because most of us are well into retirement, it was moved to land on a weekday.

The reunion consisted of two very different venues. On Tuesday we gathered at the Wrangler, a building many of us remember as the Chicken Broaster. I suppose that business went away long ago. Still, when asked by those not resident in the valley, most remembered where we were to meet. This was very informal and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening.

The second evening, Wednesday, was held outside the city for the first time. We booked the Clarkston Country Club for the evening. As we went thru registration, we received a ticket for a drink of our choosing at the bar. This was an unexpected surprise. After some serious lies and other chit-chat, we helped ourselves to a buffet dinner. The venue had decorated our tables with school color linens and place settings for a dozen classmates and guests at each table. Sorry, no one got a picture of how nicely that was done. The food was great. Bite-size steak and shrimp were the highlights and a few of us went back for seconds.

As the sun was setting, we assembled for the traditional group photo shot. The link above will get you to a page to download a high resolution photo file should anyone desire to have that.

The other two links above will navigate to the actual snapshots taken at the events. Thanks to Gary Beck, Janet Sinclair, Ron Stevens, Judy and Joan Eldred for taking and sharing the pictures on site here.

Next up, celebration of 60 years since graduation. Looking forward to seeing all of you again in five years.

Rocky Sinclair, Class of '64

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