John Wolf

John Wolf
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John Wolf

Mailing Address:

1309 Ripon
Lewiston, ID 83501-5736

Phone: 208-743-8328

Spouse: Virginia


Nathan (1976)
Jodi (1978)
Josh (1980)
Aaron (1982)
Nicklas (1985)

Grand Kids: 8

John's Grandchildren2014 Reunion News:

In the last 50 years since high school, I have worked for and worked as the following:

-Served 4 years in the USAF
-Graduated from LCSC Degree in geology
- Married in 1971, 5 children, 8 grandchildren
- Lived in AK for one year but most of the time in ID
- Retired from the ID Transportation Dept in 2009
- Enjoy family moments, gardening, golf, outdoor activities

Looking forward to seeing everyone, and wishing all of you memorable moments as we continue living our dash! :-)

30 Year Reunion 1994

Spouse's Name: Virginia
Current residence: Lewiston ID
Occupation: Idaho Transportation Dept
Spouse's Occupation: Teacher LHS
Family: Nathan 17½; Jodi 16; Josh 14; Aaron 12; Nicklas 9.
Number of grandchildren: 0
Places lived in the last 10 years: Moved from Gifford area (country living) to Lewiston n 1990.
Hobbies and other interests: Hunting, fishing, time with family and friends.
Plans or goals for the next 10 years: Finish raising our children and stay as healthy as possible.
Major highlights of the last 10 years: We added another son to our family and returned to the valley after living away for seven years. Family life keeps us busy with sports, church and daily experiences.
Other News:

From 20 year reunion book20 Year Reunion 1984

Spouse's Name: Virginia
Current residence: Craigmont ID
Occupation: Idaho Transportation Dept
Spouse's Occupation: Homemaker-Teacher
Family: Nathan 7½; Jodi 6; Joshua 4½; Aaron 2.
Served in the USAF 1966-70, 548th Recon Tech Group in Honolulu HI-Schooling in Wash DC. Graduated from LCSC with a BS in geology/earth science in '75. Spent one season working construction in Anchorage AK. Enjoy backpacking, church activities, and raising a family. Looking forward to seeing all of you.

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