Leslie Webb

Leslie Webb

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Leslie (Burt) Webb

Mailing Address:

841 NE 105 th Street
Seattle, WA 98125

Phone: 206 729-7410

Companion: Barbara



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January 2010 Update:

I returned to Lewiston after two years of college at the U of I. I went to Portland for the summer of 1968 and moved to Seattle in 1969 and have been here ever since.

I decided to take my retirement early so I basically goofed off and tried a lot of different interesting things for 20 years. Was not particularly successful at any of them but did have a lot of fun. Did stage lighting at concerts, was in a rock band, was involved with a parapsychology research group, helped with an underground paper, started a computer consulting business, worked on big events here in Seattle, got involved with some electronic artists, worked on movie scripts, dabbled in politics, etc, etc.

Then I settled down and started being more serious about working for a living around 1990. Met a wonderful lady and we have been very happy for 15 years. We rent a nice house in north Seattle with lots of gardens, a gazebo, arbor with grapevines, dogwood tree, etc.

I worked at a software company doing documentation, market research, facilities management, HR, database mining, a little programming, and anything else that needed doing for 15 year and was just laid off last November. Just getting used to being unemployed.

On weekends, I have a part time job editing a set of books on sociology. Barbara is very involved in the Democratic Party here in Seattle.

I am dealing with a few health issues, some inherited and some the result of stupid behavior when I was young and foolish. Nothing life threatening but definitely annoying sometimes.

As always, I plague myself with ultimate questions about the meaning of existence, the future of humanity, the origin of the universe, the nature of consciousness, etc, etc. This past year I read 20 books about scientific research on happiness. I have decided that maybe people ought to do things that make them happy and that in turn will make them healthier, friendlier, better citizens, parents, spouses, etc. Problem is; most people are not very good about judging what will ACTUALLY make them happy. (Myself included!)

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Current residence: Seattle WA
Occupation: Producer, Consultant, Musician
Two years at the University, several years of traveling, came to Seattle in 1968. Managed a club, ran a lighting business, studied radio and TV, studied computer applications, future research for state, bass player in band, consultant to experimental univ., Parapsychology Research (published article, created computer index, and organized conference in Parapsychology). Currently have weekly radio series on exploration of alternatives, involved in creation of community service directory for greater Seattle, involved in establishment of company to design and market electronic devices.

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