Mike Stevenson

Mike Stevenson

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Mike Stevenson

Mailing Address:

5547 Willowlawn Way
Garden City, ID 83714



Spouse: Jan


Kevin (1970)
Shawn (1968)

Step Kids:

Travis (1970)
Marcus (1968)


Caleb (1994)
Rebecca (1995)
Kristen (1995)
Kelli (1998)
Jordon (2000)

Step Grand-Kids:

Noah (1996)
Nikki (1995)
Chase (1998)
Gabe (1999)
Cooper (2003)

2014 Reunion News: Jan and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in July. In Oct we are going on a trip/cruise to Italy and Holy Land. We live in Boise summer months and Mesa, AZ in the winter.

2009 Reunion News: Spent 27 years with Hewlett-Packard, when in spring of 2000 was offered early retirement. One of best things ever done in accepting it. Have not been sorry and not been bored. Plenty to do. Have taken up Tennis, and do a lot of Motorcycling, also want to get back into Lapidary when I can find the time. Have been going south the last 10 yrs to Arizona.

Looking ahead, continue Tennis, not as much Hunting, more fishing, some travel and when it gets cold, head south.

40 Year Reunion 2004 No input

30 Year Reunion 1994

Current residence on file: Boise ID

20 Year Reunion 1984

Spouse's Name: Judy
Current residence: Boise ID
Occupation: HVAC Technician
Spouse's Occupation: Housewife
Family: Kevin 16; Shawn 13.
Married Judy in Aug 1965. We then moved to Boise in 1968. Worked at various jobs until I started with Hewlett-Packard in 1973. They sent me to Johnson Pneumatic Controls and Honeywell Recorder schools and also received A/C refrigerator training thru them. Enjoy hunting, fishing, dirt biking and 4-wheeling and that's why I stay in Idaho.

10 Year Reunion 1974

Spouse's Name: Judy
Current residence: Boise ID
Occupation: Line Lead Electronics
Spouse's Occupation: Housewife
Family: Kevin 6; Shawn 3.
In 1965 I was married to Judy and in 1968 we moved to Boise and have been there ever since. After graduating, I worked mainly in the lumber industry, about 4 years. I made rafters for mobile homes. In Nov 1973 I went to work for Hewlett-Packard (Data Systems) where I am presently employed.

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