Connie Schwegel

Connie Schwegel
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Connie Schwegel

Mailing Address:

921 Pershing Condo #301
Bremerton, WA 98312-2468

Phone: 360-377-5805

Connie...3rd grade

2014 Reunion News:

In the last 50 years since high school, I have worked for and worked as the following:

I graduated from Sacred Heart School of Nursing in ’67 in Spokane and continued to work in Pediatrics there for around 4 years. I then worked in a Pediatrician’s office for 9 month. When I was bumped by a more senior nurse wanting increased hours I visited friends in Seattle and was hired the next day after applying for an outpatient Pediatrics position at Group Health. I was able to return to get my degree from SPU and my Nurse Practitioner Training thru U of W so my jobs were varied. Over the years I worked in 5 clinics in 3 different towns. 38 years later I retired from Group Health having spent my entire time in the field of Pediatrics. I miss all my contact with parents/babies/kids but not the administrative hassles.

I did retire in 2011 and now I love to travel, especially cruises. Last year I attended 2 great family reunions with lots of great nieces/nephews. One reunion was in Chicago, where both my parents grew up. It was fun visiting ancestor home sights, churches and cousins I had not seen in 50 years.

In Bremerton I am part of a very dynamic church which feeds the hungry every Monday and supports the homeless and needy in many ways. I am able to volunteer in several ministries and have a loving church family.

2004 Reunion News:

Past highlights: Travel

Future Plans: Travel and retire.

30 Year Reunion 1994

Current residence on file: Bremerton WA

20 Year Reunion 1984 No input

10 Year Reunion 1974 No input

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