Randy Morin

Randy Morin


Randy Morin

Mailing Address:

419 Woodson Lane
Gardner, KS 66030

Phone: 406-461-4514

Spouse: Barbara





2009 Update:

I grew up in Lewiston and was with the class that graduated in 1964 up till the 5th grade when I came down with Reumatic fever and had to stay in bed for 6 months so I had to retake the 5th grade even though I went to summer school in Moscow Idaho. The same thing happened to Wally Kelly who was in the same class. Even though I was kept back a grade I always associated and liked the people from the class of 1964 so I wanted to see them again since I hadn't seen them after My dad died in November 1962 of a heart attack and my mom moved us to Eastern Montana in January 1963. My mom remarried and we moved to GreatFalls Montana where I Graduated from high school.

I went to both the 1964 and 1965 reunions in Lewiston for the 40 year reunions. It was fun to see everybody and talk about old times,I really enjoyed myself and then I went to the class of 1966 reunion in Montana at their 40th it was all fun! I enjoyed traveling those 3 years too as we went up to Idaho and Montana from the midwest different ways each time in our R.V.s

2004 Reunion News:

Past highlights: Grandchildren, trip to Europe, Rome, Florence, Paris, and London.

Future Plans: Hopefully move to a warmer climate. Stay alive!!!

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