Rodney Markegard

Rodney Markegard
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Rodney Markegard

Mailing Address:

4660 Van Steeland Drive
Billings, MT 59105-5034

Phone: 406-698-4091

Companion: Shelley


Leslie (1967)
Kristen (1969)

2014 Reunion News: Presently single but my best friend and companion is Shelley my X. (Yikes) I'm still living in the country with my little herd of Cows, 25+ Chickens, 3-dogs, and 3 cats. Trying to retire but still running my business of 22 years, RPM Sales Inc., representing mechanical manufacturer. I'm the only employees so I can go in late..leave early and I still enjoy all this! I do really need to retire and start working my bucket list before it's too late. Still in good health, have all my teeth and joints (even though I'm better predicting the weather than the weather man) What is troubling is where did all my hair go. I tell my friends grass doesn't grow on a busy street but they tell me, "it doesn't grow on cement either". My two happily married daughters live in Spokane. I have lots of grandchildren. Looking forward to the class reunion 50 years WOW!

Update Jan, 2010

Rod Markegard living in Billings, MT since graduation. Presently at 4600 Van Steeland Drive Billings, 59105. Phone is 406-373-9100 and cell is 406-698-4091.

Not married but have a great companion for the past several years. Raechelle who presently is TSA at the Billings Airport.

Together we have 11 dogs, 2 cows, 3 cats and 8 chickens.

Always lived in the country and enjoy the space. I've always had animals. I used to get baby calves..bottle feed them and then sell them come fall. Did this for several years. Now just raise my own beef for myself and friends. Eat my own country eggs..much better than store bought. Having animals tends to keep you from doing a lot of traveling. My companion has never seen the ocean and this is one we have to make soon.

I was the director of Facility Services for Billings Deaconess Hospital for 22 years. Left in 1991 and started RPM Sales Inc, a rep firm for commercial HVAC and Medical Gas Source Equipment, Pipeline, head walls etc.

Looking forward to the day I can retire and become the farmer in the dell. Hopefully in the next 3 years.

If any of my class Mates come this way, I would love to get together and visit. Lots of room at my home for you to land.

From 20 year reunion book20 Year Reunion 1984

Current residence: Billings MT
Occupation: Building Services Mgr-Billings Memorial Hospital
Family: Leslie 17; Kristen 15.
Rather than blow my horn-I'd like to say-if you are ever in Billings, come on by! I'll buy coffee or whatever. Wish I could be there to see everyone. I know I'd be the only one who hasn't changed. Wishing a good time for all. Have a good day.

10 Year Reunion 1974

Spouse's Name: Jean
Current residence: Billings MT
Occupation: Director of Plant Operations
Spouse's Occupation: Professional Homemaker
Family: Leslie 7; Kristen 5; Lady 5 (Labrador)
Married Jean McClendon-high school sweetheart. We have lived in Billings since then. Went to work for Pierce Packing Co later into sales and I'm now back into Engineering with the Billings Deaconess Hospital. In the past years we have done is lived and enjoyed life with our family. We hold an open invitation to friends to come and visiting us if ever in the vicinity of Billings. We are looking forward to seeing everyone.

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