Louie Heimgartner

Louie Heimgartner

aliceHeimg62@gmail.com Email: Unknown
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Louie Heimgartner

Mailing Address:

3509 8th St
Lewiston, ID 83501-5016

Phone: 208-791-0903

Spouse: Alice


Scott (1968)
Jody (1970)
Bruce (1969)
Daryl (1971)

2014 Reunion News: In June of 1965 I went to work for Washington Water Power later named Avista. I became a Jr. lineman in 1969. In 1981 was asked to take a crew foreman position. I worked for this company for 43 years then retired on April Fools day, 2008

I did retire in 2008 and now spend my time helping out on fishing boats, cruise boats, enjoying time with my wife, kids, grand kids, and great grand kids.

40 Year Reunion 2004
Current residence on file: Lewiston ID

30 Year Reunion 1994

Spouse's Name: Alice
Current residence: Lewiston ID
Occupation: Line Foremeant/WWP
Spouse's Occupation: Painter
Family: Scott 26; Jody 24; two step-sons Bruce 25; Daryl 23.
Number of grandchildren: 5
Places lived in the last 10 years: Lewiston
Hobbies and other interests: Fishing, hunting, gardening, Skiing.
Plans or goals for the next 10 years: Traveling
Major highlights of the last 10 years: Traveling and fishing in Northwest Territory, Mexico, and California.

20 Year Reunion 1984

Spouse's Name: Janet
Current residence: Lewiston ID
Occupation: Line foreman for Washington Water Power
Spouse's Occupation:
Family: Scott 16; Jody 13.

10 Year Reunion 1974 No input

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