Connie Fritzley

Connie Fritzley
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Connie (Fritzley) Alexander

Mailing Address:

3816 14th St
Lewiston, ID 83501-5711

Phone: 208-746-6084

Spouse: Micky Alexander


Kelly (1969) mine
Kurt (1970 mine
Tony (1971) his
Tyson (1974) his

Grand-Kids: 4 (my 2 grandsons and his 2 granddaughters)

2014 Reunion News: No input

2009 Reunion News: My grandsons are in all sports; baseball,, football, and wrestling. Ryan is 12 years old now and started junior high and Jake is 9 years old and is in the 4th grade. They are growing up too fast! Ryan is a straight A student and Jake gets all Bs. Both got the gold medal at state in wrestling. They are my pride and joy.

2004 Reunion News:

Past highlights: Just work and play darts! Boring Huh??

Future Plans: Hope to retire and travel.

2004 Reunion News: No input

30 Year Reunion 1994

Spouse's Name: Michael (Micky)
Current residence: Lewiston ID
Occupation: Owner/Effies
Spouse's Occupation: Drilling/Blasting
Family: Kelly 25; Kurt 24.
Number of grandchildren: 0
Places lived in the last 10 years: Lewiston
Hobbies and other interests: Darts and fishing.
Plans or goals for the next 10 years: To earn my way to Chicago for Nationals in dart league and build and extend the Effie Burgers and then sell it so I can retire.
Major highlights of the last 10 years: Going for the gusto, to won my own place of business; which I accomplished. A lot of work though, but it has been worth it.

20 Year Reunion 1984

Spouse's Name: Michael
Current residence: Lewiston ID
Occupation: Clerk-receptionist
Spouse's Occupation: Driller and blaster
Family: Kelly Robinett 15; Kurt Robinett 14; step children Tony 13; Tyson 10.
Went to Valley Business College in 1979, Secretarial School. Received my diploma June 1980. It was rough at first, especially after being out of school 15 years, but it was worth it. I bowl on a league and we won first place 2 years ago. My highest game was this year, I had a 236. This is my 3rd year of bowling.

10 Year Reunion 1974 No input

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