Shelley Forge

Shelley Forge
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Shelley (Forge) Antos

Mailing Address:

2617 18th Ave. Ct. NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Phone: 253-376-3170

Spouse: Arne Antos (deceased 3/2017)


Cheryl (1972)

Grand-Kids: 2

2014 Reunion News:

Arne and I have been in Gig Harbor for eleven years now. We still live near my daughter and her husband and family and I still attend all of my grandkids’ sporting events. My grandson Kyle is a senior at Gig Harbor High School and was on the first string of the football team again this year. They went to the playoffs, so it was an exciting season. My granddaughter Aislinn is 9 and is on a select softball team and also plays basketball. I like to think the grandkids got their athletic ability from me, but of course it isn’t true and the family laughs at me. I’m pleased to report, however, that last weekend my granddaughter and I were competing against each other in a dance contest on the Wii and I won all four times.

Currently I am working two part-time jobs, which I thoroughly enjoy. It gets me out of the house 20 hours a week, keeps my mind alert, and pays for someone to clean my house. While I absolutely love to cook, I absolutely hate to clean house, so it works out well. I also attend Jazzercise four times a week. It’s fantastic exercise and I highly recommend it to all of you.

Other than that, not much else is new. It doesn’t seem possible that my lovely daughter is 42 now. I feel very fortunate to live near her and her family and to have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with them. Arne and I are both incredibly healthy, which I’m very happy about, considering how old we are!

Update Feb 2010:

After getting tired of living in California (after having been there sixteen years), we moved back to the Pacific Northwest seven years ago. We live in Gig Harbor, WA, just six miles from my daughter and her husband and family. I'm retired, but I usually attend exercise classes five mornings a week, and I volunteer three to four afternoons a week, so I stay busy. I also attend all of my grandkids' sporting events, which I thoroughly enjoy. Plus, it's about the only time I get to see the family, since they keep such an incredibly busy schedule!

2004 Reunion News:

Past highlights: Recently moved back to the Pacific Northwest after living and working in So. California for 16 years.

Future Plans: Going to more Little League games, traveling, entertaining, kayaking, cooking, working in the yard, catching up with old friends, and spending more time with my daughter, her family and my Mom and Dad.

30 Year Reunion 1994

Current residence on file: Mission Viejo CA

20 Year Reunion 1984

Spouse's Name: Bob Tozer
Current residence: Tacoma WA
Occupation: Savings Officer -State Saving Bank
Spouse's Occupation: Commercial building contractor
Family: Cheryl Fletcher 13.
I have lived in Tacoma since 1968. Bob and I married in 1979. I worked at a 17 man law office for almost 10 years as assistant office administrator, assistant bookkeeper and other office duties. In March of this year I accepted a job offer at State Savings Bank. My new job pertains mostly to public relations and marketing.

10 Year Reunion 1974

Spouse's Name: Bruce Fletcher
Current residence: Tacoma WA
Occupation: Bank Teller
Spouse's Occupation: Auto painter at Lakes Body Shop
Family: Cheryl Lee 3.
I married Bruce from Clarkston in June 1965. I lived in Germany 1 year while he was in the Army. Then he went to Thailand and I worked at Idaho 1st National Bank for a year. Settled in Tacoma after he got out of the Army in 1969. Worked for another bank until the baby was born, then became a housewife and mother. I'm now back working part-time. Spend much of our time playing pinochole, going to the ocean, fishing, water-skiing and waiting for the rain to quit.

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