Michael Everett

Michael Everett

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Michael Everett

Mailing Address:

932 Airway Av
Lewiston, ID 83501-5777

Phone: 208-743-5791

Spouse: Rhonda


Kelly (1965)
Kevin (1966)
Casey (1974)
Jason (1978)
Alex (1996)

Grand-Kids: 9

Great-Grand-Kids: 3

Update October 2017:

My youngest -Alex - is now 21 and still living at home. I'm almost retired, but still working in the senior market, associated with Medicare products. I have a lot of clients, so it keeps me pretty busy. I've spent 50 years in the business and you make a lot of friends over the years, so it's been very rewarding. I retired from American Insurance in January of 17'. I now have 9 grandkids, and 3 great grandkids. Rhonda and I spend out spare time traveling or on the boat. We made a trip to the Grand Canyon late April and early May. It was beautiful!

2014 Reunion News:

In the last 50 years since high school, I have worked for and worked as the following:

67-71 Prudential Insurance, agent
71-72 AOM Site Update-Montana Quality Control
72-81 Prudential, Agent
81-87 Mader Agency (Insurance), Agent
87-04 Idaho Insurance Agency, Commercial Agent
04-Present American Insurance, Commercial Lines/Senior Services

I am still working and hope to retire in 2016. I work about 30 hours a week, boat, camp, golf. I have an 18-year old who is attending LCCC next year-still living at home. I plan on retiring in another year or two. Married for 10 years to my wife Rhonda.

2004 Reunion News:

Past highlights: Son Alex, grandchildren and recent marriage.

Future Plans: Work, golf, and travel.

30 Year Reunion 1994

Spouse's Name: Linda
Current residence: Lewiston ID
Occupation: Idaho Insurance Agency
Spouse's Occupation: Clerical
Family: Kelly 29; Kevin 28; Casey 19; Jason 16.
Number of grandchildren: 0
Places lived in the last 10 years: Lewiston
Hobbies and other interests: Golf, sports in general, old cars.
Plans or goals for the next 10 years: Start a retirement plan!

20 Year Reunion 1984

Spouse's Name: Norma
Current residence: Lewiston ID
Occupation: Insurance Agent
Spouse's Occupation: Display Advertising (Tribune)
Family: Kelly 19; Kevin 18; Casey 9; Jason 6.
Part owner of Mader Insurance Agency Inc. Lived in Lewiston 19 of 20 years since graduation. Worked mostly insurance. 14 years with Prudential, 3 years as independent. Enjoy camping, fishing, dirt biking, baseball and gardening.

10 Year Reunion 1974

Spouse's Name:
Current residence: Lewiston ID
Occupation: District Agent (Prudential)
Spouse's Occupation: Housewife
Family: Kelly 9; Kevin 8.
Spend one year in Montana in construction, two years with Berger Mace Furniture, and spent seven years with Prudential.

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