Alverna Thomas

The Bengal's Purr, February 28, 1964,

Home Economics Instructor Enjoys Interior Decoration

If good things come in small packages, then petite Mrs. Chuck Thomas is filling he bill for the home economics department.

A graduate of the University of Idaho, Mrs. Thomas has taught at Lewiston High School since last fall.

Mrs. Thomas chose home economics as a career because she is interested in everything it offers. She feels it is important to a woman since it coves so many areas. She added that her future was influenced by home economics teachers.

"I wanted to help girls going along now to see the importance of life and what they are going to do with it; to make it meaningful," Mrs. Thomas commented when asked why she chose teaching.

Mrs. Thomas stressed a study of the importance of family relations and child development. She considers them to be as much a part of home economics as sewing and cooking. Mrs. Thomas feels that more time should be spent in these fields. Interior decorating and home management are other courses the instructor feels are of value to high school girls.

Interior decorating and creative are a few of Mrs. Thomas' many hobbies and interests. She also enjoys designing and making her own clothes.

Mrs. Thomas and her husband, Chuck, a county extension agent, have a two-year-old daughter, Michele. They live at 411 Park Dr.

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