Michael Reynolds

The Bengal's Purr, October 18, 1963,

Math Teacher Starts Career at Lewiston

"I would like to provide all students in the class with the course material and motivate each to work toward his full capacity," said Mr. Michael Reynolds, LHS geometry, algebra, and functional math instructor. Mr. Reynolds, who comes from Hill City, N.D., teaches three classes of geometry, one of algebra and one of functional math.

A math major and physical science minor, he attended South Dakota State College, the University of Arizona and graduated from Black Hills Teachers College at Spearfish, S.D.

"I enjoy teaching math and would like to go on and teach higher mathematics," stated instructor who is beginning his teaching career at LHS this year.

Mr. Reynolds resides at the Garden City Apartments with two other LHS instructors, Mr. Dale James and Mr. Ken Jurmu. He likes all sports, hunting, fishing, and good music.

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