Grace Nixon

The Bengal's Purr, September 3, 1963,

LHS Teacher returns from 2-Month Trip

"People everywhere seem to like Americans because they're so easy to talk to," commented Miss Grace Nixon, LHS English Instructor, upon her return home from a pleasure trip which lasted through June and July. Miss Nixon, with a companion, visited Tahiti, the Fiji Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Manila, Bangkok, Japan, and Hawaii.

"We saw so much, we really thoroughly did not see and absorb everything" said Miss Nixon.

In Tahiti and the Fiji Islands, they saw native dances and in New Zealand thy visited duplicates of old Maori native villages.

"Everywhere we went," said Miss Nixon, "the people used bikes and scooters because car expenses are quite high. In Australia and New Zealand, the only cars driven were small English models. One thing that was very difficult to get accustomed to was driving on the left side. "At first it was quite frightening."

"In Australia and New Zealand, the people thought our accents were funny, they said we had a drawl. The clip their words off, just as the British do."

"When we would go into a cafe, people would watch us with interest because we held our forks upside down," she said. "They hold their forks just the reverse of the way we do."

Throughout their trip everywhere they went, the encountered rain. Countries south of the equator were having winter while the Orient was having its rainy season.

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