Jack McGee

The Bengal's Purr, October 2, 1963,

New to LHS Is Mr. McGee

Although new at Lewiston High School this year, Mr. Jack McGee is familiar to many sophomores and junior English students, as a new English teacher. Aside from his regular classes, he also coaches the debate team and advises Loyalty Squad. With all this school activity, plus his family of two boys and two girls, Mr. McGee still manages to keep a membership in the Masons and pay due to two popular hobbies, hunting and fishing. He hunts the hard way for many people, with a bow, but he says "I enjoy it very much."

Mr. McGee, a 1959 graduate of Huron College at Huron, South Dakota, holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and history. He taught for two years in Hot Springs S.D. before coming to Lewiston.

Other events in Mr. McGee's life were four years in the naval Air Corps where he played football as he did in high school and college.

Mr. McGee's aims in class are mainly to get the subject across to all his students in a way that everyone can understand, and keep them all interested.

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