Jeanne Lauf

The Bengal's Purr, December 20, 1963,

Well Schooled Spanish Teacher Is New to LHS

"I like Lewiston High School very much," said Mrs. Jeanne Lauf, teacher of first and second year Spanish classes at LHS. Mrs. Lauf, a newcomer to the teaching profession this year, graduated from Washington Statue University last year. She attended the school at Pullman for three years. She also went to three other colleges but Washington State University was the school she liked best. Mrs. Lauf attended classes at Eastern Washington College of Education at Cheney for one year, the University of Idaho for a summer session and summer school at the University of Mexico in Mexico City.

For the Christmas season Mrs. Lauf plans to have a party for the Spanish and French classes. The students will sing in those languages tell the Christmas story, explain how Christmas is celebrated in Spain and France and break pinatas.

Mrs. Lauf and her husband, who live in Clarkston, plan to travel to Nevada for Christmas vacation to visit his parents.

Mrs. Lauf's plans for next year are indefinite, because her husband will graduate from the University of Idaho next spring.

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