Bob Kruger

The Bengal's Purr, September 3, 1963,

LHS has New Track Coach in Bob Kruger

Mr. Robert Kruger, a United States Military Academy graduate, will handle the head coaching duties of this year's Bengal track team. Mr. Kruger, a former Jenifer Junior High teacher, will also instruct functional math and algebra at Lewiston High School this year.

Lewiston's football unit will in turn benefit not only from Bob's track duties, but by his ability to assist in the football coaching program as well. Bob, a replacement for Art Young, last year's track coach, said he was glad to be a member of the crew, and is anxious to get started. He stressed the fact that from coaching Jenifer's track team and being able to assist Young, he has gained valuable experience with the Bengals. Bob will not carry the handicap that many new coaches have because he already knows his athletes.

Bob's off the field time is devoted to his wife, Jean, and their two children, Kathy and Bobby, ages 4 and 3, respectively.

The Bengal's Purr, January 17, 1964,

Two High School Instructors Completing Last LH SemesterKruger

Two instructors, Mrs. Marjorie Johnson and Mr. Robert Krueger, will be completing their teaching careers at Lewiston High School the end of this semester. Mr. Krueger instructed three algebra classes and two functional math classes. Before coming to LHS, he taught for one and a half years at Jenifer Junior High.

Mr. Krueger has accepted the position as Industrial Engineer with the Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corp. of Spokane, Wash. He and his wife and three children will make their home in Spokane at 415 South Progress after Jan 24.

"An open invitation is extended the faculty to come see us in Spokane in the future," stated Mr. Krueger.

Arthur B. Oliver formerly of Mayville, N.D., will teach mathematics and serve as head track coach at Lewiston High School, replacing Mr. Krueger.

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