Reva Jones

The Bengal's Purr, February 14, 1964,

'Sharp Shooting' Rope Climber Joins High School Instructors

Don't be too surprised if someday you see a young teacher scaling the walls of Lewiston High School. Rappelling or rope climbing is one of the favorite sports of Miss Reva Kaye Jones the new junior English instructor, and she has practiced on everything from cliffs to the campus walls at the University of Idaho.

Brought up in Burke, Idaho, which she proudly calls "the biggest little mining town in the world," the new faculty member graduated from Wallace High School. She attended the University of Idaho and the University of Washington, at which she studied tagmemics the reduction of unwritten language to writing. She completed college in three and one-half years and has a double major in English and Spanish.

Athletically inclined, Miss Jones is enthusiastic about many outdoor sports, including shooting, archery, fishing and cycle-riding. She plays the French horn and enjoys music, literature, anything interesting or different, and people who are themselves. One of her adventures has been riding the rapids on the Selway River.

"I like to teach in order that others might learn," said the new English instructor.

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