Marjorie Johnson

The Bengal's Purr, January 17, 1964,

Two High School Instructors Completing Last LH Semester

Two instructors, Mrs. Marjorie Johnson and Mr. Robert Krueger, will be completing their teaching careers at Lewiston High School the end of this semester.

Mrs. Johnson, who teaches four classes of U.S. History and one class of world history, has been teaching for three years. One year was spent at Orofino, one year in the special education section at Sacajawea Junior High and this year here. The history instructor attended the University of Idaho at Moscow and Loyola College in Chicago. She and her husband, David, who is engaged in farming at Nez Perce are expecting their first child.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay at LHS and hope some day to go back to teaching," reported Mrs. Johnson.

Miss Reva K. Jones, Wallace, will instruct English at LHS. Miss Jones soon will receive her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Idaho where she has majored in English and Spanish. She will succeed Mrs. Johnson.

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