Robert Harris

The Bengal's Purr, April 1, 1964,

Music Teacher To Vacate Staff Position

Mr. Robert E. Harris, LHS Spanish and music instructor will not be seen roaming the corridors next fall when the students return from summer vacation. He is temporarily leaving our faculty to join the staff at the Washing State University, Pullman, where he will teach Spanish and take post-graduate work in that language.

In college Mr. Harris majored in music and minored in Spanish, since he had been interested in these two subjects for many years. He received his master's degree in music education from Columbia University in 1949 and his bachelor's degree in Spanish from the same school.

One of the major improvements that Mr. Harris has made in the music department has been the designing of the choir room. It is "as nice as any I have seen in the Northwest," he commented.

During World War II, Mr. Harris was trained in Africa and saw action in Italy, where he served as a first lieutenant with the 85th Division.

Camping, hunting, fishing, rock hunting and bowling occupy this teacher's spare time and add to his wide range of interests.

He is not certain yet whether he will sell or rent his residence at 3420 8-th St. F in the Orchards. The Harrises and their children Jim, 15, and Barbara, 10, have lived in Lewiston for the past 13 years.

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