Huguette Guerry

The Bengal's Purr, September 20, 1963,

Miss Guerry Heads LHS French DepartmentMinded

(By Chris Turner)

"The American students," said Miss Huguette Guerry, the new French Teacher, "are allowed much more freedom than the French teen-agers. Students of France go to school from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. and some stay after until 7p.m. to study their lessons," said Miss Guerry. "Saturday is no free day for the French. "They attend school for more than a half day on Saturdays too."

These students have no extracurricular activities such as year-book or a school paper, as the Americans. They study from their books and only their books.

She said her French students seem to be very comprehending the language very well. "I believe that their former teacher, Mrs. Grace Tapp, must have been a very good instructor of the language," she added. As yet Miss Guerry has made no immediate plans for the French Seminar. She wishes to find out what her students are most interested in ad go from there. Miss Guerry, a '62 graduate of Grenoble University in France, has received a license d'Anglais, the equivalent of the American bachelor of arts degree. She taught for part of a teaching year n Grenoble, France, and for a year as assistant French instructor in Wales.

"I like traveling and love to teach," she said, "and so I decided to combine the two while seeing what America and its people are like." Miss Guerry's travels have taken her to such countries as Italy, Spain, Greece, and Switzerland. Presently staying with Mr. and Mrs. D Odelle Pilgreen, 917 10-th Ave., the 24-year old said she is please with Lewiston and looking forward to working with her students this year.

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