Grade 5
Mrs Frost

Lynn Rognstad Julia Streiff #3 June Naser Janet Hein Rebecca Jackson Ron McCann Bill Lee Lauren Messinger Jimmy Cypert Jim Carlson Robert Kuhlman Phil Peterson John Hamilton #15 Steve Donnavan Mrs Frost Kathy Barnes Vicki Pinkerton Christy Turner #21 Marguerite Hoffman Ruby Munsterman #25 Kathy Kling #27 Miss McSorley

Grade: 5, Year: 1956-57, School: Webster, Teacher: Mrs Frost

Front Row (L2R): Lynn Rognstad, Julia Streiff, #3, June Naser, Janet Hein, Rebecca Jackson

Second Row (L2R): Ron McCann, Bill Lee, Lauren Messinger, Jimmy Cypert, Jim Carlson, Robert Kuhlman, Phil Peterson, John Hamilton, #15, Steve Donnavan

Back Row (L2R): Mrs Frost, Kathy Barnes, Vicki Pinkerton, Christy Turner, Marguerite Hoffman, Ruby Munsterman, #23, #24, Elen Brownlee, Kathy Kling, Kathleen Seetin, Miss McSorley

If you can help identify any of these folk, send the web guy a note including the picture titles and the person(s) you can identify by row and placement.