Grade 2
Mrs Madson

Sylvia Brotherton Bill Lee Bill Hund Linda McRae Carol Randall Ted Dahlgren Dave Reimers Linda Kohl June Nasar Gary Noble Janet Hein Rocky Sinclair Arlene Bruni Jimmy Cypert Jim Carlson Jackie Stanford Larry Huffman Susan Miles Miss McSorley John Duthie Susan Smith John Hamilton Cristy Turner Hurbert Swinford Kathleen Seetin Wayne Anniden Mick Therrell Carolyn Thompson Ron McCann Mrs Madson

Grade: 2, Year: 53-54, School: Webster, Teacher: Mrs Madson

Front Row (L2R): Sylvia Brotherton, Bill Lee, Bill Hund, Linda McRae, Carol Randall, Ted Dahlgren, Dave Reimers?

Second Row (L2R): Linda Kohl, June Nasar, Gary Noble, Janet Hein, Rocky Sinclair, Arlene Bruni, Jimmy Cypert, Jim Carlson, Jackie Standfield, Larry Huffman, Susan Miles

Back Row (L2R): Miss McSorley, John Duthie, Susan Smith, John Hamilton, Cristy Turner, Hubert Swinford, Kathleen Seetin, Wayne Anniden, Mick Therrell, Carolyn Thompson, Ron McCann, Mrs Madson

Not present is Carol Sidenham

If you can help identify any of these folk, send the web guy a note including the picture titles and the person(s) you can identify by row and placement.