Grade 1
St Stanislaus
Sister Dennis Mary
First Communion

Mike Lydon Carolyn Feucht Doug Dufore Carolyn Carrsow John Vassar Janet Hein Doug O'Connor Sue West Ron Morrow Sherry Lantz Mike Speno Marie Reintjes Jimmy Timmel Teresa Smith John Snyder Jackie Vestal Larry Sullivan Linda Charpentier Mark Johnson Debbie Hall #21Priest #22Girl #23Boy Tom Schroufnagel Mike Everett Tim Bartlett Eileen Brownlee Sister Dennis Mary

Grade: 1, Year: UNK, School: St Stanislaus, Teacher:Sister Dennis Mary

Front Row (L2R): Mike Lydon, Carolyn Feucht, Doug Dufore, Carolyn Carrsow, John Vassar, Janet Hein, Doug O'Connor, Sue West, Ron Morrow, Sherry Lantz

Second Row (L2R): Mike Speno, Marie Rentjes, Jimmy Timmel, Teresa Smith, John Snyder, Jackie Vestal, Larry Sullivan, Linda Charpentier, Mark Johnson, Debbie Hall

Back Row (L2R): #21Priest, #22, #23, Tom Schraufnagel, Mike Everett, Tim Bartlett, Eileen Brownlee, Sister Dennis Mary

If you can help identify any of these folk, send the web guy a note including the picture titles and the person(s) you can identify by row and placement.