College Elementary
Grade 1
Mrs Lucille McFadden

Larry Skouras Alfreda Kipp Mark Loebner Cheryl Stewart Mark Anthony Lanny Houston Roger Cooper Kathy Rusher Linda Moe Vern Dinnell Jay Dee Hatch Billy Campbell Brookshire Moore Billie Jo Rosenkranz Connie Jones John Pederson Neil Faulkner Frank Daggett Claudette Sale Ruth Sonner Dave Condon Sharon Wolfe Mrs McFadden Michael Forkner Jack Whatley Bill Lee Richard Scully Bonnie Engen John Chamberlain Sam Pond Mr Cridlebaugh

Grade: 1, Year: 1952-53, School: College Elementary, Teacher: Mrs. Lucille McFadden

Front Row (L2R): Larry Skouras, Alfred Kipp, Mark Loebner, Cheryl Stewart, Mark Anthony, Lanny Houston, Roger Cooper, Kathy Rusher

Second Row (L2R): Linda Moe, Vern Dinnell, Jay Dee Hatch, Bill Campbell, Brookshire Moore, Billie Jo Rosenkranz, Connie Jones

Third Row (L2R): John Pederson, Neil Faulkner, Frank Daggett, Claudette Sale, Ruth Sonner, Dave Condon, Sharon Wolfe

Back Row (L2R): Miss Lucille McFadden, Michael Forkner, Whatley, Bill Lee, Richard Scully, Bonnie Engen, John Chamberlain, Sam Pond, Mr Gerald Cridlebaugh

If you can help identify any of these folk, send the web guy a note including the picture titles and the person(s) you can identify by row and placement.