John Vassar

John Vassar
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John Vassar

Mailing Address:

1622 2nd St
Lewiston, ID 83501-2710

Phone: 509-780-9755

Spouse: Janice Retired City Manager of Lewiston


Stacy Speicher (1969)
Dan Speicher (1971)



2014 Reunion News: Pretty much unchanged since 2009. More recently I have regained my sanity by quitting the game of golf. It gives me more time to fly fish, travel with my wonderful and tolerant wife of 30 years, and spend time spoiling the grandchildren.

2009 Reunion News: I retired from Vassar-Rawls 1-1-2007. I am currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Twin River National Bank. For leisure time...made the mistake of trying to learn golf at the age of 60. Worst golfer in the L-C valley. I also fly fish and travel as often as affordable.

2004 Reunion News:

Past highlights: Too much work-too little play.

Future Plans: Reverse above.

30 Year Reunion 1994

Spouse's Name: Janice
Current residence: Lewiston ID
Occupation: Mortician-Vassar-Rawls Funeral Home
Spouse's Occupation: City Manager of Lewiston
Family: Stacy 25; Daniel 23.
Number of grandchildren: 0
Places lived in the last 10 years: Lewiston
Hobbies and other interests: Fly fishing, camping, backpacking.
Plans or goals for the next 10 years: Travel, retirement, as much fishing as possible.
Major highlights of the last 10 years: Getting kids through school. Getting people to work on this reunion so I wouldn't have to. Wonderful wife (and he even filled this out by himself!!)

20 Year Reunion 1984

Spouse's Name: Jan
Current residence: Lewiston ID
Occupation: Mortician, Vassar Rawles Funeral Home
Spouse's Occupation: Lewiston City Clerk
Family: 1 step son, 1 step daughter, 1 step dog.
Have lived in Lewiston forever and still working with my mother and brothers. Got married in June and we enjoy taking our dog Toby for walks on the dike.

10 Year Reunion 1974

Spouse's Name: Janine
Current residence: Lewiston ID
Occupation: Funeral Director for Vassar Rawls Funeral Home
Spouse's Occupation: Child Care Counselor
1964-67 school at LCSC (Tiger Tech), 1967-71 was Army Helicopter Pilot, 1971-72 went to school at San Francisco, 1972-74 Vassar Rawls Funeral Home, Secretary-Treasurer. Married Janine Curtis on March 30 1974

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