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Rocky Sinclair
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Rocky Sinclair

Mailing Address:

105 E Jordon Ln
Desert Hills, AZ 85086-9248

Phone: 480-516-8843 (cell)

Spouse: Janet


Jill (1973) Sinclair married to Tim Meier
Karen (1976) Sinclair married to Jon Hanson


Damian (2006)
Jonathan 'Jack' (2007)
Maya (2008)
Emma (2009)
Matthew Wesley (2011)
Lorelei Annalee (2011)

2019 Reunion News:

Time to updaate the grankid pictures

Damian Age 13

Jack Age 12

Mya Age 11

Emma Age 10

Lorelie Age 9

Matthew Age 9

Janet and Rocky 20132014 Reunion News:

In the last 50 years since high school, I have worked for and worked as the following: Actually, I only had two jobs since high school. I was a common laborer at PFI summers while in college that kept me out of the poor house. Unlike the kids today, I was able to graduate with no debt but completely broke. I had a job waiting for me right out of college with Sperry Flight Systems and functioned in various electrical engineering positions until retirement. The first half of those years I was responsible for much of the 747 autopilot system, perhaps one of the most complex analog computer systems ever put into production. The last half of those years I went into a department responsible for creation of major automated testing systems. That evolved into mostly product support which had an interesting side activity. We had a world-wide user maintenance conferences twice a year that allowed visiting places all over the world.

I did retire in May of 2007 and now keep busy in the summers spending time NOT in the desert heat. We generally pack up the RV in May and return in October. We have traveled much of the country, some of Canada, often spending time and places our ancestors had been. Other years such as this year, we will be in the cooler Northwest. The winters in Arizona allows for lots of time for genealogy research. In 2009, I agreed to build a website for our class. This turned out to be a challenge since I had no experience in anything related to web design. It is now in a maintenance mode but updates this last year have been rather time consuming.

Lorelei Age 3

Matthew Age 3

Janet and Rocky 2013Update May 2013

As summer is approaching, we are looking forward to seeing more of the country in our RV. Hopefully we can be in the Lewiston area to attend the all-class-reunion 6/28-29/2013. As in other years, we always look forward to visiting with old classmate friends along our way.

Christmas 2011Update April 2011

Today we are officially grandparents again!!! Daughter Karen and hubby Jon are proud parents of Matthew and Lorelei, twins. Of course we now have more grandparenting duties regarding spoiling these cute kids. These grandkids join their cousins making us grandparents four times over in one year.

Christmas 2011Update Mar 17, 2010

Today we are officially grandparents!!! Daughter Jill and hubby Tim completed adoption of two little boys, 2 and 3 years, Jonathan and Damian, brothers. We are looking forward to spoiling them, other grandparents tell us that is our grandparenting duty.

Janet & Rocky Sinclair..Update Aug 5, 2009

I retired in May 2007 after 38+ years with Honeywell and since Janet was already retired, we bought a new motor home to get out of the Arizona summer heat. We spent the 2008 summer traveling in the Pacific Northwest letting me relax and get used to having time off. Last summer we went east, in spite of the gas prices, and spent time in the upper Midwest and New England. We returned in October when our daughters said it had cooled off. I think they lied somewhat.

Our older daughter, Jill was married in December 2006. Fortunately, Tim has a good job with Intel in Chandler, Arizona as Jill is now an out of work architect. Her chance of getting a job in residential design in the Phoenix area is between zero and less than that at the moment so she is landscaping their new yard and adapting for the future. They are also trying to adopt if anyone knows of a baby needing a good home.

Karen, our younger daughter, and Jon still both have jobs - but, no grandchildren there yet either.

We came to Moscow for the Janet's 45th MHS reunion in June and had Janet's family reunion at McCall in mid-July. Of course we will be in Lewiston for our reunion at Labor Day. Otherwise, our plans are to spend the summer wherever the whim takes us.

Jill & Tim
Jill and husband Tim
Karen and husband Jon
Karen and husband Jon

2004 Reunion News:

Past highlights: We moved from our home in Glendale of over 25 years to a house we built on the fringes of the desert about 8 years ago. The population is encroaching rapidly but we still have the desert wildlife to enjoy. Our new place is now mostly settled so I am enjoying kicking back with fewer "projects". I am still working for Honeywell (despite multiple name changes) and still enjoy getting to work each day, not bad after 35+ years. It has allowed me to see some parts of the world that I would not likely been able to see on my own. Janet occasionally travels with me. (She makes me get out of the hotel and actually see some of the sights.) I encouraged Janet to take up genealogy a few years ago and unwittingly gave birth to a monster. While she has become very good at finding long forgotten people, she is now sucking me into it as well. We just came back from a week in Salt Lake researching historical roots and spent a month last fall roaming dusty courthouses and graveyards in the Dakota area chasing dead people. Have to admit, it is sort of interesting...

Future Plans: I am beginning to plan retirement which is a few years away. We are looking forward to escaping the summer heat by traveling a few months each summer and then enjoying our desert home in the winter.

30 Year Reunion 1994

Spouse's Name: Janet
Current residence: Glendale AZ
Occupation: Engineer
Spouse's Occupation: Sub Teacher
Family: Jill 21; Karen 18
Number of grandchildren: 0
Places lived in the last 10 years: Glendale
Hobbies and other interests: Outdoors, sawdust
Plans or goals for the next 10 years: Stay employed, get kids through school.
Major highlights of the last 10 years: Stayed employed, traveled a bit, been back to Lewiston a few times.
Other News:

20 Year Reunion 1984

Spouse's Name: Janet
Current residence: Glendale AZ
Occupation: Engineer, Sperry Flight Systems
Spouse's Occupation: Wife, mother, housekeeper
Family: Jill 11; Karen 8
Since graduation, I went to school, got married, found a job, came to the Phoenix are, and started a family. Still married, still employed, just getting older, fatter, and a bit less hair. We enjoy the outdoors and have returned to Idaho several times to remember the "real things". We would enjoy hearing from any of you classmates who are traveling thru or lived in eh Phoenix area.

10 Year Reunion 1974

Spouse's Name: Janet
Current residence: Phoenix AZ
Occupation: Engineer
Spouse's Occupation: Housewife
Family: Jill Christine 1
The UofI occupied the first 4 years after graduation with some of the time being spent toward and Engineering degree. Marriage came the following summer, which we came to Phoenix. For the past 6 years, I have been with Sperry Flight Systems as Product Engineer for the Boeing 747 Avionics system. Weekend activities have included camping and prospecting for gold.

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