John Pederson

John Pederson
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John Pederson

Mailing Address:

1933 SE Tolman St
Portland, OR 97202-5453

Phone: 503-236-4494

John Pederson...the early years

Spouse: Cathy


Tova (1977)
Carrie (1979)
Dena (1981)
Julie (1983)


Gunnar (2006)
Kurt and Damon (2008) Twins
Sophia (2010)
Maisie (2012)
Kason (2013)

2014 Reunion News: Pretty much same as in '09 plus three more grandkids.

2009 Reunion News: Graduated from Pacific Luthern University-1968, Peace Corps-Turkey and Philippines (1968-72), Worked for Procter and Gambles (72-74, Spokane), National 4-H Council (74-77, Wash DC), School equipment business (77-08, Portland), Semi (?)-retired 08-09. Interests: Travel, reading, golf, several organizations.

2014 Reunion News: No input

2004 Reunion News: No input

30 Year Reunion 1994

Spouse's Name: Cathy
Current residence: Portland OR
Occupation: Business
Spouse's Occupation: Homemaker
Family: Tova 17; Carrie 15; Dena 13; Julie 11.
Number of grandchildren: 0
Places lived in the last 10 years: Portland
Hobbies and other interests: Coaching, travel, reading.
Plans or goals for the next 10 years: Educate kids, survival.
Major highlights of the last 10 years: Building business, rebuilding old house, vacations.

20 Year Reunion 1984

Spouse's Name: Cathy
Current residence: Portland OR
Occupation: Equipment Business
Spouse's Occupation: Homemaker
Family: Tova 7; Carrie 5; Dena 3; Julie 1.
Graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in 1968. Peace Corps Volunteer-Turkey 1968-70, Peace Corps Volunteer-Philippines 1970-1972, worked for Proctor and Gamble in Spokane 1972-74, worked for International Division/4H Foundation, Washington DC 1974-77, private business in Portland OR 1977 to present.

10 Year Reunion 1974

Spouse's Name: Cathy
Current residence: Chey Chase MD
Occupation: Manager, Republic of China and Turkish Agricultural Training Programs. National 4-H Foundation.
Spouse's Occupation: Social Worker
Attended Pacific Lutheran University 1964-68, BA in 1968 (History). US Peace Corps 1968-72, Turkey and the Philippines. Married Cathy in June 1970, Univ of Wash grad school in fall of 1972. Worked for Proctor and Gamble 1973-May 15 1974 in Spokane. Began work in Wash DC on June 1 1974.

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