Sue Glover

Sue Glover
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Sue (Glover) Knoll

Mailing Address:

3317 11th St
Lewiston, ID 83501-5301

Phone: 208-743-6921

Spouse: Karl Knoll

Kids: 5 stepchildren

July 2019 Update

Michael Knoll his

Tracy Knoll his

Larry Knoll his

Daniel Knoll his

Lonny Knoll his

We have 10 grandchildren and 5 greats. Great family, love them all and they are living good lives.

Have spent most of my time right here in Lewiston, moved to Denver Colorado for a couple of years because I really wanted to live in a big city, Spokane for another 2 and then back to home. Worked as a telephone operator back when that was a thing, at Denver Children's Hospital and The Davenport Hotel. Didn't finish LCSC went to work at Potlatch Corporation in Payroll for 30 years and then retired. Was married 3 times but met the absolute love of my life and we married in 1976, the last 43 years have been better than I could have ever imagined. Karl also worked at Potlatch Corp and he retired from there a lso after about 35 years.Retirement is the best job I have ever had. We love to go camping and fishing, gardening. Got swept up in the CB craze at one time. It is hard to list a lifetime of things. I really love the Internet and the world that it opened, have spent a lot of time playing online MMORPG's. We love to bowl and have been on several leagues for quite a few years now. We decided about 20 some years ago to adopt only senior dogs as no one wants them when they come up for adoption. We have had the pleasure of meeting some of the most beautiful spirits, females that came from puppy mills, and old guys whose owners suddenly died or were put in rest homes. We have received so much more than we ever were able to give from them. We aren\'t in perfect health but it will do, God has been good to us.

February 2010 Update

Graduated and wandered around for a few years working in Denver and Spokane before returning to Lewiston for life. I loved big cities and all the excitement and opportunities they have, but knew that someday i would have to come back to a smaller town. Was married a couple of times. Went to work at Potlatch Corp, a place most of us swore we would never end up at and stayed for 30 years. Met and married my soul mate in 1976. He had 5 children which I am very happy are part of my life. they are all doing fine, going through the ups and downs in life that we have already suffered. We are retired and happy as hell, we fish, garden, travel, and I got addicted to online MMORPG's in my 50's, so I spend waay too much time on them. Currently playing Star Trek Online, my characters are Fontana and Opal, well actually, my grandson plays Fontana:). If you see my starship please say hello!! I have lived a little longer than I probably should have, we lived life large back in the sixties and seventies. Looking back on those days they seem like an unreal dream, all that hair and funny clothes. It is a time in history that I am glad I was living in, a lot of change came about in those years not all good maybe, but nothing ever is.

30 Year Reunion 1994

Current residence on file: Lewiston ID

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