Lewiston High School


Below are some links that may be interesting
suggested by our classmates

If you have others that may be of general interest,
do let the web guy know

Click on the links on the links below to visit those sites.

Lewiston Idaho, Class of 1964-Class Reunion

Search the LHS 1964 website.

The link below is a great slide show of those things that defined the 1960's.
Take me back to the sixties

The link below is a virtual Jukebox with songs from our graduation year. It also has links to other 1960 years with lots of music for each year.
1964 Jukebox

The link below allows tracking of an airline flight. It is great to follow a friend or relative, especially if you are meeting them at the airport. Always good to know in advance if there are flight changes.
Flight tracking site

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